In-House Printing is committed to taking the ideas, dreams & artistic musings of our clients and bringing them to reality. Whether you are creating for your company, school, or perhaps your own clothing company; no job is too big or too small. We are all CREATORS, let us help you bring your visions to life.





DTG printing is a newer technology that allows you to take a digital image or file and print directly onto the desired fabric. There is no screen setup required which means we can print without the need for minimum quantities when taking orders.

DTG is best suited for creations that require large amounts of detail and/or print colors. This makes it perfect for photographic prints. While DTG is able to capture much more detail, the ink application is much thinner than that of screen printing which means this method is best suited for lighter color fabrics.

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silk screen

Silk screen printing is an older printing technique popularized in the 1960's. This method involves the creation of a physical screen for each color printed on the shirt. Ink is then pressed through the screen onto the fabric, separate layers for each color used. For this reason, screen printing is best reserved for orders with larger quantities.

Items that are screen printed will typically last for years and often offer much more vibrant colors. This makes screen printing ideal for large blocks of color as well as darker fabrics. However, one factor to keep in mind is that gradients and finer details are lost during the creation process. 


creative design

Let our team of creative designers bring your artistic musings to life. If you have a sketch or drawing, we are happy to digitally create this for you and send this file back to you for future use. 

If your idea is still stuck in your mind - not a problem! Schedule a consultation appointment with us so you can walk us through your idea and we will breathe life into it. We literally want to print your dreams into reality!


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